Back in 1996, we noted many companies were starting to eliminate their marketing/communications (mar/com) jobs. Remembering that Internet presence had not yet become a necessity, the damage became evident when non wordsmiths tried to communicate with the public. Unless you could afford to hire an ad agency, you were pretty much left to your own devices.

How would people be drawn to a small business? How could you get people to come to the table to talk? We say a way to help and created WritingSolutions.com.

Slowly, we began to extend the reach a small business could have by creating an Internet presence. We couldn’t yet quantify the effectiveness of this relatively new medium. Trying to minimize the risk to clients, we asked them NOT to invest additional funds; just reallocate. Add an additional slice to the pie, we suggested. The idea caught on.

The years continue and we’re still here. We can help you with: press releases, marketing, merchandising, written content (BUT NOT WEBSITE DESIGN) and much more. Bear with us as we update this site.

Our goal was and still is to bring confidence to the client by following our tag line: Strategize, Develop, Implement.